About Me

ivoksI’ve been in OpenSource community since late 20th century. First doing it only as a hobby, and later professionally since 2001. I’ve been an Ubuntu community maintainer, member of Linux high availability community (Pacemaker & co.), Ubuntu mail stack contributor, OpenStack developer, pretty much all over the board. For last 7 years I’ve been at Canonical, working in various customer related roles. My current responsibility is to shape our OpenStack product offering, and tooling around it, to make OpenStack deployments faster, repeatable and error free.

In my spare time I run two other companies; Dlivo Solutions and Jamming Adventures. While Dlivio is a pet project of mine, with an intention to open up a new market, Jamming Adventures is a pure Adrenalin. It’s always fascinating to meet people with different background, from all over the world, but with the same quest of challenging themselves and pushing their limits.